So Much Pink!!!!

It is impossible to keep our kids quiet in the morning. Usually, this is not an issue, but when you are in a second story Japanese apartment building, and they are running around like a herd of elephants… they woke up Zombie Nancy. After a breakfast of eggs and pancakes, we headed off for the […]

Kashima Walking

Miwa woke up with some spectacular bed head. After breakfast we went for a nice long walk through KashimaJingu, a local park and shrine.  Just a pleasant walk in the woods on a nice, warm sunny day. On the way back we picked up some lunch from a bakery and a convenience store.  The fried […]

The Looong Haul to Kashima

March 14 Today we were off to visit Nancy in Kashima on Japan’s east coast.  We packed up 2 days worth of supplies and left the house at 9. On the way we stopped to visit Mitzi’s aunt, whom she hadn’t seen in about 20 years.  We arrived at about 11, had a nice visit […]

Meat on a stick day

For once we had nothing on the schedule, so we spent the day in the neighbourhood. We went of a longish walk to find some lunch, and came across a bento store.  Bento are basically just take out lunch boxes, and can be quite tasty.  We got enough food to feed Jill, Miwa, Ru and […]

Back to Higashimurayama

At 5:04 this morning we were woken up by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.  It wasn’t much, I didn’t wake up fully, but had a dream that someone was shaking the house in an attempt to fool me into thinking there was an earthquake.  Jill was awake and said it was just a bump and some […]