Bottle Shock.

Well, after a week of filtering and finishing the wines we finally bottled today.  We now have over 600 cases down in the basement almost ready for sale… after they get over their bottle shock.  I think I’m in bottle shock.  The fact that we won’t have to label or cap the bottled wines is […]


What to say…. there’s always something to talk about when one is traveling but once one gets home to the same old, same old, it’s hard not to be underwhelmed.  However, after a week of getting over jet lag we are gearing up for some bottling.  We’re hiring Artus Mobile Bottling to come and “get […]

The longest March 24th of our lives.

We had a fairly normal morning except that Tak and I took the kids to the playground while Jill did a final sweep and pack. There was a high school event at the park this morning, and I have never seen so many short skirts in one place at the same time! The kicker was […]

Last Day…

Our last full day in Japan. I can hardly believe it is time to go already, but we will be heading for the airport tomorrow around lunch time. Today was a day of packing and the farewell party. Many of the relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins) came by for a potluck lunch to bid […]

Day of fun!

Immediately following breakfast Jill and I gathered our things and headed off for Tokyo.  We just missed the 8:50 bus, so we walked to Kumegawa.  This is our first trip into the city without children, but we are trying to get a lot accomplished in short order, and that is just not possible with children.  […]