A lovely day in the neighbourhood

In a nutshell: had breakfast, went to playground, went for walk, had lunch with Mitzi’s friend from college, went for walk, had dinner, went to sleep.  Oh, and it was sunny and warm all day.

The playground was much as it always is, except that the kids headed for the sand box today.
IMG_3865 IMG_3861

On the way back I took a couple pictures of the house we are staying in.  It may not be here next time we come back to Japan.

Our morning walk was in search of food for lunch, and we went to the same bento store as a couple of days ago. We took a different route both ways and found a lot of playgrounds and a nice little farm with some plum trees.


Mitzi’s friend and her husband got lost on the way here and wandered the neighbourhood for about a half hour trying to find the house. Given the numbering system for addresses here, that is completely understandable.

After lunch we hung around the house until dinner, with only I taking a brief walk to the river just before dinner. I found some blossoming cherry trees there. Perhaps this trip I will actually get to do Hanami here in Japan.
I was wrestling with the girls in the back room before bed time, but Mitzi asked us to stop because it sounded like someone was being murdered and she was concerned that someone may call the police. Thin walls and loud shrieks I guess.

Miwa had a nasty looking eye infection about 4 days ago, thankfully it has pretty much cleared up! One of the perils of traveling with children is illness. It’s just harder to find the medicines you are familiar with. For example, our go to drug at home, children’s Advil, does not seem to exist here. We brought lots fortunately.