So Much Pink!!!!

It is impossible to keep our kids quiet in the morning. Usually, this is not an issue, but when you are in a second story Japanese apartment building, and they are running around like a herd of elephants… they woke up Zombie Nancy.
After a breakfast of eggs and pancakes, we headed off for the bus station with a brief stop a rest-stop on the highway to pick up some food for the journey. It all seems a little vague to me as I am writing this evening as I had a severe attack of hay fever yesterday and loaded up (overdosed?) on anti-histamines. The result being that I felt weird and disconnected from reality today.

Visiting the Hello Kitty flagship store in Ginza did nothing to change that feeling. So much pink it was crazy. Miwa got a new lunch box and some stickers, then we walked through the adult Hello Kitty store on our way out. Not XXX adult, just Hello Kitty branded things like laptops and guitars. I now wish that I had not done a google search for “xxx hello kitty”. You have been warned.

IMG_3847 IMG_3851 IMG_3850 IMG_3849


Just as we were pulling into the last station, 4 hours since we boarded the bus, Jill commented, “the girls have been pretty good today!” Can you guess what happened next?

Ru-chan had a melt down in the grocery store and pretty much the rest of the way back to the house. The Black Crow is always watching.

From there it was just dinner, bath and bed.