I love it when a plan comes together.

The first day of spring!  Sadly, only the earliest varieties of cherry are blooming and the Hanami forecast remains well beyond our departure date.  Next time… (it’s always next time) Today we visited Mitzi’s eldest brother.  He likes to do things with a precise plan and this time was no different, starting with a fax […]

Time for Reflection

A very slow day.  We were pretty worn out from our trip and mostly just sat around, cleaned up a bit and planned for the next couple of days.  It was also raining which meant the kids were in confinement and we had to resort to Ponies and Clone Wars to save our sanity. We […]

Fuji-smog, a monk gets a tea shop, and a long trip for towels

We woke up and opened the windows just as the sun rose over the mountains and Fuji-san was visible!  The smog had cleared somewhat overnight.  I sat by the window and alternately appreciated and photographed the view while I typed up the blog from the day before.  This was at about 6:15, and breakfast wasn’t […]

Kind of like the Okanagan of Japan

Today we headed off for Japan’s wine growing region.  We got out of the house just before 9 and made our way via bus and train to Kofu. We stopped at Enzan station and hopped in a cab for the short ride to Okunota Winery, the smallest we could find on the internet at approximately […]

A lovely day in the neighbourhood

In a nutshell: had breakfast, went to playground, went for walk, had lunch with Mitzi’s friend from college, went for walk, had dinner, went to sleep.  Oh, and it was sunny and warm all day. The playground was much as it always is, except that the kids headed for the sand box today. On the […]