Last Day…

Our last full day in Japan. I can hardly believe it is time to go already, but we will be heading for the airport tomorrow around lunch time.

Today was a day of packing and the farewell party. Many of the relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins) came by for a potluck lunch to bid us farewell. We ate lunch and had some of the finest sake in Japan. At least according to Jill’s cousin. It was quite good by Jill and I as well.

The kids played, and were in and out of the house all afternoon. It seemed perfectly normal to us, but apparently that is not always common in Japan, probably more for Tokyo. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Then everyone left. We walked everyone out to the road to see them off. Many pictures were taken to commemorate the trip. It was sad to see Nancy leave as we won’t see her for at least half a year.  The girls gave her big hugs and kisses.
IMG_4159 IMG_4157 IMG_4150 IMG_4166IMG_4170
We were all pretty worn out after that. We had leftovers for dinner, and there was nothing deep fried for once. It didn’t seem right somehow.  However, there was more Mont Blanc.  There are 2 cake shops within a 10 minute walk of the house…..  Yay!  Miwa was asleep by 7. Ru-chan made it to 8.