What to say…. there’s always something to talk about when one is traveling but once one gets home to the same old, same old, it’s hard not to be underwhelmed.  However, after a week of getting over jet lag we are gearing up for some bottling.  We’re hiring Artus Mobile Bottling to come and “get it done”.  But this entails much filtering of the wine, getting all our bottles (which have not come yet due to some confusion at the suppliers), labels (thank you Jennifer at MetroLabel) and screwcaps (thank you @Cellartek).  Yes, we are going screwcap!  Huzzah!

Anyhow also due to a slight intestinal illness whereupon I wasn’t really able to stray far from the house, we’re almost back to normal.  Miwa kind of skipped out of gymnastics today attending for half of it then she said she had a sore tummy, though she was fine once she was back on the ferry.  We’re trying to wean Ru-chan though that’s not going so well.  She runs after me screaming” MILKIES!!!!!!”  Let’s not forget the mullet incident in which Miwa cut her own hair and it was all business up front and party in the back.  I managed to wrangle it into a pretty cute pixie cut though.

Spring is mostly here (hear?).  The frogs are singing, I nearly lost an eye due to hummingbirds and the chickens are FINALLY back to laying eggs.  Here’s hoping no mink attack happens.

Some amusing photos:

Ru-chan almost too big for the baby bassinet in the plane….. we may have underestimated her weight by a pound or 3 (weight limits!).


Forsythia, a sure sign of spring.


Wasn’t sure if I should post this as it is me in a bathtub, but I love the expressions of the girls, it’s a snapshot of our everyday life.  Ah well, internets you got a naked picture of me now !!!!  Also look at how SMALL that bathtub is…. I kind of want to ship it home from Japan when the house is demolished…. it’s AWESOME, small but great!  Can only fit 1 adult and 2 kids but still.