March 17

Mitzi is going through jet lag, and so was up at 2. Poor her, at least she doesn’t have two kids who won’t let her get back to sleep.

Ru and I took Mitzi for a walk around the neighbourhood to get her oriented, even though she lived not far from here for 8 years, that was 45 years ago, and things have changed a bit.

After a walk all the way around Kumegawa station, Ru took us to the playground for a bit, and Mitzi grilled me about all sorts of things.

We were waiting for Mitzi’s luggage to arrive, so we couldn’t leave to go out for lunch. Instead, Jill and I went tot the Daiei and got stuff for lunch as well as doing a bit of gift shopping. Ramen for lunch again today! It was even better this time because I added a tiny bit of spinach that made it more pleasing to the eye.

Mitzi’s luggage arrived while Jill and I were out, so after lunch we headed to Hello Kitty Land, only 2 stops away from Yasaka station, which is only a 10 minute walk. However, when we got there, only the Fishing Land part was open. It was like the Griswold Family at the end of Family Vacation, but sadder and less violent.

We walked back along the Tamako Jitenshado, and thus managed to walk every bit of it on this trip. Ru walked the whole way by herself, no shoulder rides! I figured she walked about 10km in all today.

We made a stir fry for dinner, and Ru passed out under the kotatsu at about 6:15.