As my list of things to do gets longer (vineyard, chickens, garden, kids, Glamper, Studio, housework, paperwork etc.), I start to obsess more and more about giving it all up and living in our Trillium, and travelling more….. I think it’s a sickness of some sort when we just got back from a major trip and already I’m dreaming and scheming about the next one.

Anyhow, in winery news, we did a limited bottling, 30 cases of Siegerrebe (white….very happy with it, it will be the “flagship white wine” of ours going forward I think) and 30 cases of the Quintage (our oaked red, also pretty happy with that one as well).  Hurray, we have now 5 wines to sell!  Not just 3.  Now I have to label and cap before Saturday as it’s the Annual Quadra Island Studio Weekend.

Many thanks to Q, A and CP for coming and helping.  You know we really couldn’t do it with out the help of our friends and family.  Today I farmed out Ru to my awesome SIL who looked after her while I was trying to finish the studio apartment (a whole other story….) for a certain special someone who is moving to the farm tomorrow.

As I said it is the Annual Quadra Island Studio Weekend so it will be busy, and we’re selling our bottle-shocked wines (well they’ve been in the bottle for about 5 days now but really I’d rather  leave them in the bottle for at least a month).  However, that’s the way we roll here.

We also finally booked Artus, the mobile bottling unit that we used last year.  That was a bit of a schmozzle as I’ve been trying to book them since December.  Anyhow they said they were going to come on the 25th but then more wineries booked and now they want to come to us on the 21st.  The funny/sad thing was that Ben had originally taken the week off, then cancelled his holiday as we thought that it was all pinned down.  Anyhow, long story short, Ben has rearranged his schedule to accommodate the bottling and Artus is coming on the 21st!  Sigh.  Then there’s the whole kegging situation……

Oh yes, LB Sweet will be at the Winery this weekend pairing her lovely chocolates with our wines, it should be pretty AMAZING!  I do love her chocolate!

So back to obsessing about living in the Trillium….Here are 2 fun blogs about people who do exactly that…. Live in their respective vehicles…..

And some fun pictures from past travels:


tsukiji 020






Turks and Caicos





Finally, I hope when I am as old as these folks, I will have the guts to let it all hang out!  Kudos to them!