I had the funniest/disturbing phone call tonight.  Apparently someone has been talking about us.  The phone call came from the owners of Emerald Coast Winery in Port Alberni who came to visit the winery yesterday.  Apparently the person who is camping in the campsite next to them at Wee Wai Kai Campsite (someone living in an RV and is moving here permanently?) was saying that I’m tired and I just want out so I was selling all our winery equipment for $15000 because, get this, Ben and I are divorcing……


So I replied “No sir, actually I am happily married and we are definitely continuing in the winery business.”  I did tell him that he should go find out who this person was and let me know….. I’m curious now.  That’s how rumours get started I guess.

#smalltownlife #rumours