Resurrecting the Blog?!

October…. 2021…. where has all the time gone. We’re FINALLY slowing down in the winery, kind of but still trying to finish up projects here and there. It’s been a time of transitions, of seasons, of life and we’re struggling to keep up.

The weather has been shite lately so being wimpy farmers we’ve been procrastinating on getting nets down as we have to do every year before the big winter storms come, wet and nets is a miserable combo. Working on that this week. Hopefully we can get the majority of them down today. We’ve got a few new things bubbling away in the winery and honestly getting the distillery license has been very freeing as now we don’t have to worry about dumping wine if we don’t like it. I wasn’t too happy with the 2020 vintage so most of that has gone to the distillery and I’m super happy about that.

We’re also transitioning to 100% farm income only which is kind of dumb at this point as we go into our slow season but it’s been a few years in the making. Those of you who know us personally know Ben has been working away in the Oil Patch and his work never aligned with our personal ethics but it’s a pay cheque and it’s not cheap to run a farm. They say that to make a million dollars with a winery is to start with 2 million LOL. Not that we have ever made millions, more like thousands. Anyhow, this will work or we’ll crash and burn… who knows.

I don’t know about a lot of you but I’ve been California Dreaming for the last few months, a busy summer and fall definitely does that to me. Hopefully we’ll be heading South this winter in order to see our NIECE, family and friends.

Red skies in the morning….