March 14 and 15

March 14

It was a dark and rainy day, so we limited or ambitions for the day and simply went to Kokubunji for a bit of shopping.

March 15

The day dawned bright and sunny, though a bit windy, and we headed out to Shibuya. This is the area most people picture when they think about Tokyo. Huge screens and colourful advertising everywhere.

We stopped for a quick picture of the girls at the Hachiko statue outside of the station, then headed off to explore and do a bit of shopping.

Two hours later, as we sat watching the girls at a tiny little playground, I looked over and realized I could still see Shibuya station! So much to see in a small area. I mapped our approximate path, ending at the playground.

We got to Yoyogi station around 3 and made our way home, arriving back at the apartment around 4:15, just in time to start making dinner. We found one of our laundry racks on the ground on our way in. The wind had picked up and blown it off the third floor balcony! Fortunately no people or clothes were injured.