March 13

We had been planning on meeting up with Jill’s cousins on this day since before we left for Japan, and the girls had been looking forward to it for quite some time, so I was very happy that it worked out.

We went to Showa Kinen park near Tachikawa Station, rented some bikes and rode to the first play ground. The girls and their cousins had a pretty good time.

Then we went to the second playground, and while I thought the first was pretty good, that was before I saw the second one!

We finally pried the kids away, and headed over to the only Ikea in tokyo, which just happened to be directly across the street from one of the park entrances.

We all had the Swedish meatball meals, because, well, why not?

We said goodbye to Nancy at Kokubunji and headed back to the apartment for some much deserved rest.