Bottle Shock.

Well, after a week of filtering and finishing the wines we finally bottled today.  We now have over 600 cases down in the basement almost ready for sale… after they get over their bottle shock.  I think I’m in bottle shock.  The fact that we won’t have to label or cap the bottled wines is […]


What to say…. there’s always something to talk about when one is traveling but once one gets home to the same old, same old, it’s hard not to be underwhelmed.  However, after a week of getting over jet lag we are gearing up for some bottling.  We’re hiring Artus Mobile Bottling to come and “get […]

Kind of like the Okanagan of Japan

Today we headed off for Japan’s wine growing region.  We got out of the house just before 9 and made our way via bus and train to Kofu. We stopped at Enzan station and hopped in a cab for the short ride to Okunota Winery, the smallest we could find on the internet at approximately […]

Back to Higashimurayama

At 5:04 this morning we were woken up by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.  It wasn’t much, I didn’t wake up fully, but had a dream that someone was shaking the house in an attempt to fool me into thinking there was an earthquake.  Jill was awake and said it was just a bump and some […]