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At 5:04 this morning we were woken up by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.  It wasn’t much, I didn’t wake up fully, but had a dream that someone was shaking the house in an attempt to fool me into thinking there was an earthquake.  Jill was awake and said it was just a bump and some swaying.

The kids got up around 6 and we went upstairs to the living room.  Our hosts trickled in one by one until Tatsuya finally came down around 8:45, just enough time to grab a bite to eat and have a shower before heading off to work.  He looked more than just a little hung over, so I felt pretty good about myself (read smug…).

We visited until 11, then headed for home.  Even with only brief stops for food, we didn’t get back to the house until 1:30.
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20140312_123132 20140312_123123 IMG-20140312-00255
The rest of the day passed pretty quietly.  I did an “unboxing” series of photos for an onigirir, the girls played in the yard a bit, Jill and I went for a walk an bought some t-shirts with entertainingly bad English on them, and we had a bath before the girls went to sleep.

IMG-20140312-00258 IMG-20140312-00259 IMG-20140312-00260 IMG-20140312-00261 IMG-20140312-00262