I had the funniest/disturbing phone call tonight.  Apparently someone has been talking about us.  The phone call came from the owners of Emerald Coast Winery in Port Alberni who came to visit the winery yesterday.  Apparently the person who is camping in the campsite next to them at Wee Wai Kai Campsite (someone living in an […]


As my list of things to do gets longer (vineyard, chickens, garden, kids, Glamper, Studio, housework, paperwork etc.), I start to obsess more and more about giving it all up and living in our Trillium, and travelling more….. I think it’s a sickness of some sort when we just got back from a major trip […]

Summary of my day for Ben

This is my day: Wake up wiith Ru, make her breakfast, breastfeed for a while Miwa wakes up, make her breakfast Dad comes up and watches girls so I get things ready for Local Market Bentonite in the winery Try and figure out my dosages for my bench trial, get flustered so give up and […]