Summary of my day for Ben

This is my day:
Wake up wiith Ru, make her breakfast, breastfeed for a while
Miwa wakes up, make her breakfast
Dad comes up and watches girls so I get things ready for Local Market
Bentonite in the winery
Try and figure out my dosages for my bench trial, get flustered so give up and drive Dad out to Local Market
Help set up, buy some stuff, talk to some people, drive back home to meet S. to prune at 1030
Prune until 11:15, get girls because Mom has to go to town.
Prune until about 12, all the while trying to keep an eye on girls and Ruchan screaming “MILKY” at me
Feed Ru, say bye to S., drive out to Legion to help Dad
Forgot to add in, get stuff ready to take to M. earlier
Eat lunch at Local Market, work until around 130, pack up, we drive to library to give M his stuff
Drive home, Ru-chan falls asleep, Miwa goes to my parents house
Deliver M.D. his case of wine because I was scared I’d missed him,  go to Yellow Dog to get my painting that I bought a long time ago, deliver some grape juice to A.
Come home, reconcile float etc.
Feed Ruchan because she woke up from her nap, then out to vineyard to prune last 3 rows.
Come in at 5 ish
Eat dinner which thankfully Dad (and mom who has come from Town) has prepared
Come home at 7…. put computer on for girls(yes, I’m a bad mom)
Finish my bench trial…. drinking the leftover Virga, conclude it is quite similar to a sauvignon blanc