March 18

We headed out for Kawagoe this morning to visit Kashiya yokocho. It’s a little neighbourhood in the style of old Edo that specializes in traditional candy, though that was only about 5 of the 200 some-odd shops aimed at selling things to tourists. It was a fun walk with lots of interesting things to see.

We had lunch at a cute little restaurant, but the little girl at the next table burst into tears every time I looked at her, everyone besides me and her mother thought it was pretty funny. The little girl’s grandma kept apologizing.

There was also a Hello Kitty store that oozed cute out onto the street and sucked us in.

Then we walked some more.

We took a picture outside “Boutique Ben”, and Jill found the picture we took back in 2004 at the same store!

Dinner was Ramen by Ben, being as we missed having it for lunch.

Nancy arrived around 8:30, in advance of the big family get together scheduled for tomorrow.