As my list of things to do gets longer (vineyard, chickens, garden, kids, Glamper, Studio, housework, paperwork etc.), I start to obsess more and more about giving it all up and living in our Trillium, and travelling more….. I think it’s a sickness of some sort when we just got back from a major trip […]

Day 8 and 9

Despite the weather being perfectly adequate and the proximity to San Francisco being desirable, there simply weren’t any suitable campsites in the vicinity.  They were all too far from the beach or town, or were worse than the one we stayed at last night.  At least it had some bark mulch, a few of the […]

CALIFORNIA! An update because we finally have WIFI not on our phones!

Day one: January 11 Jill was up until 2 last night finishing up things that had to be done before we left, I packed it in at a more reasonable hour of midnight.  This did not prevent Ru from waking us up at 6:30 by jumping on us as per normal. We had initially thought […]

Back to Higashimurayama

At 5:04 this morning we were woken up by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.  It wasn’t much, I didn’t wake up fully, but had a dream that someone was shaking the house in an attempt to fool me into thinking there was an earthquake.  Jill was awake and said it was just a bump and some […]