It takes a village…..

to make a winery apparently.  Today was our main harvest day where we harvested all the Petit Milo (that which becomes the Virga) and the Leon Millot (that which becomes the Quintage).  It takes a pretty big crowd to ensure that we are able to get it done in a day rather than in a […]

Oh dear….

The Blog has been sadly neglected.  Work on the farm continues, though there have been things like replacing our roof, putting up nets, en epic chicken harvest day where 3 of us did 60 chickens (thanks J!!!  Couldn’t have done it without you!) a camping trip during the wettest week ever!  However we were allowed […]

Ru’s Paris

As we are kind of sucking at updating the blog, I thought it might be a bit amusing to see what a 2 year old can do with a cell phone camera.  Surprisingly not bad.  The camera on the S5 is quite good and most of our pictures from the trip were from it as […]

May 12-14 No pictures!

MAY 12 Our goal for today was modest in the extreme.  Get some “authentic” french gifts at a local supermarket and get food for dinner at a farmer’s market next door. We had great success with part one, but the farmer’s market let us down as we were specifically seeking 2 items: White asparagus (which […]

rest of trip so far…..

May 9 Due to the collapse yesterday, everyone was up at 7.  Miwa joined me on the daily trip to get Croissants for breakfast.  This seemed fair to me as she is the one who demands them every morning. We had a leisurely day planned. A little walk along a covered canal, a visit to […]