It takes a village…..

to make a winery apparently.  Today was our main harvest day where we harvested all the Petit Milo (that which becomes the Virga) and the Leon Millot (that which becomes the Quintage).  It takes a pretty big crowd to ensure that we are able to get it done in a day rather than in a few days.  The reason we are keeping our winery small is because we can do things like a Friends and Family Harvest Day and also both Ben and I don’t go crazy.  As it is we often ship the girlies off to their Obaachan/Nana’s places or their Auntie and Uncle’s.

Today was an amazing day where we had ridiculous amounts of volunteers and we were able to get the picking done by 3:00ish.  Crushing continued for a few hours longer but the hard work was done.  We are so grateful to our friends and families who come out and help for lunch, dinner and a bottle of wine.  Of course there is the company and constant supply of food/wine/coffee during the day.

So we need to thank in no particular order:

Mia, John F., Brian, Doni, Buck, Mel, Penny, Mike G, Erin (who came all the way from the big Island), Saphira(for entertaining/playing with the girlies), Sarah B, Mike L., Carol, Aiden(who was kind of voluntold), Jessie, Stu (random friend), Val (who made an amazing lunch!), Ken, Mitzi (for being my kid backup), Tak, John B., Barb, Ryan, Jessica, Lisa, Jim, Wendy, Gordy, Jennie, Adam and Rosalind (and cousins, for entertaining the girls for the first half of the day) and last but not least Mariana who made us the most DELICIOUS dinner….

Also, we need to thank those that come out to our first pick where we picked the Siegerrebe.  Iris, Ben, Finn, Pia, Fritz and Erin were all part of that crew.

Thank you all for your time and kindness, we have a great circle of friends and family.  I don’t think I forgot anyone….. but if I did please come find me and demand a bottle of wine 🙂