Meat on a stick day

For once we had nothing on the schedule, so we spent the day in the neighbourhood.

We went of a longish walk to find some lunch, and came across a bento store.  Bento are basically just take out lunch boxes, and can be quite tasty.  We got enough food to feed Jill, Miwa, Ru and I for 1,200 yen.  I even bought some chocolate coated dango (weird by Japanese standards).
20140313_110814 20140313_110823 20140313_111649 20140313_120714
Jill and Mitzi went out to forage for dinner.  They stopped at a yaki-tori (bbq chicken) place that used to be run by a grumpy old man but was now run by someone younger and more pleasant.  Jill picked out a skewer of chicken skin just for me.  I would have liked it more if it had been crispy.  I guess today is the day for food on a stick.