Closed for the Season and Happy Winter!

It’s been an interesting year, what with Ben being laid off for 5 and a half months, getting the ADHOC Tiny Shack ready to rent and all the behind the scenes work going on here at the farm in addition to homeschooling and the everyday farming.  It has really taught us to have faith in the universe and also to budget.  We’ve been fairly lucky in our endeavours but this year has taught us the importance of diversification and multiple income streams here on the farm.  One of the biggest that we’ve been trying to get going is aaaallllmost done and we’re getting excited about it.  It’s been at least 2 yearsin the making.  Anyhow life goes on and another season is done.

Work on the farm continues, with pruning up next.  Flowers have been dug up, new gardens have been prepped, and planning continues for the next year.  We’re taking a quick trip to SoCAl in January just to get some sun and meet up with friends so that will be fun.

Happy Holidays to all and thank you again to all who visited and supported our farm.  We definitely could not do it without you all.  Peace and good vibes!  Cheers, Ben, Jill, Miwa and Ru