A Nice Place to Live.

Sometimes it’s fun to complain about the weather but this really is a nice part of the world to live.  Today the girls and I biked out to Rebecca Spit where we met the rest of the Family to have a picnic in the lovely weather.  I stress “I” when I say “the girls and […]

Ben’s View of Bottling Week

While Jill and I are in constant (and generally good) communication, we sometimes miss little things, like who’s turn it is to write the blog.  So, while Jill has already written about it, here is my take on the last week’s efforts. We have had a crazy busy week at SouthEnd.  This is the week […]

Bottle Shock.

Well, after a week of filtering and finishing the wines we finally bottled today.  We now have over 600 cases down in the basement almost ready for sale… after they get over their bottle shock.  I think I’m in bottle shock.  The fact that we won’t have to label or cap the bottled wines is […]


What to say…. there’s always something to talk about when one is traveling but once one gets home to the same old, same old, it’s hard not to be underwhelmed.  However, after a week of getting over jet lag we are gearing up for some bottling.  We’re hiring Artus Mobile Bottling to come and “get […]

The Looong Haul to Kashima

March 14 Today we were off to visit Nancy in Kashima on Japan’s east coast.  We packed up 2 days worth of supplies and left the house at 9. On the way we stopped to visit Mitzi’s aunt, whom she hadn’t seen in about 20 years.  We arrived at about 11, had a nice visit […]