January 29th -31st

We toured the Fort Stevens park after breakfast, accidentally taking a turn into a residential area, populated mainly by a herd of elk. We got re-oriented and made it out to the ocean. However, it was very windy, so we didn’t linger long on the beach. After having lunch and packing up, we headed out […]

January 25-28

January 25 The morning dawned clear and golden. Ben and Miwa went out and took some pictures of Morro Rock as the first rays of sun reached it. It was quite windy and there was a giant bug under the Trillium, so after breakfast, we went into Morro Bay in search of propane, Wi-Fi, laundry […]

January 22-24

As we drove along the coast near Santa Barbra, Jill spotted a humpback whale (most probable culprit) from the 101, we all saw it. It was about then that we realized we really didn’t want to leave the ocean, so we cancelled the desert and pulled into Carpinteria, a spot we had only intended to […]

January 21

The day began with a pink sunrise, and continued to be mostly sunny with some cloud, eventually warming up to shorts and T-shirt weather (By Ben’s standards anyway, Jill wore her toque all day.) We walked along the beach to downtown Pismo and had lunch at Mo’s cafe. The food was pretty good, but due […]

January 20th

The skies were still mostly clear in the morning, and the sun started shining on us around 9. We took the opportunity to air out our bedding and cushions. This brings up a point we forgot to mention earlier, during the install of the solar panel, Ben must have broken the seal around the skylight […]