March 9

It was cool and rainy, so we didn’t plan much, just a walk over to the Daiei so the girls could me mesmerized by the bright and loud game centre for a bit. However, once we got going, it didn’t seem that bad out, so we went to the old playground they used to play […]

March 8, Epic Trek

We walked a looonnggg way today. According to google, it was supposed to be a 2h, 38 minute walk, but we left the apartment at just before 8am, and didn’t get to Kichijoji Station until 2pm, 6 hours later! Of course, the five playgrounds we stopped at along the way, coupled with the extremely slow […]

March 7

It was a showery day today, so we were glad that Nancy’s landlady had given us umbrellas on our way out. We walked through the Kodaira Raien (cemetary) to Kodaira station, up to Yasaka station along the Tamako pedestrian and bike greenway, had a brief stop at the Daiei department store so the girls could […]

March 6

Today we decided to head into Shinjuku to do a bit of sight seeing and get a frying pan from Tokyu Hands. Shinjuku was busy as ever, and Miwa was clearly in a state of sensory saturation by the time we we got back to the station on our way back home after a walk […]

March 5th

The day got a much earlier start than I was hoping for. Miwa woke me up at 3:30 to go to the bathroom, then she complained that she was hot, so I took her temperature. 38.7C! Advil for her! Unfortunately, between her next 2 trips to the toilet, her tossing and turning, and Jill’s intermittent […]