March 12

Nancy arrived around 10:30, and Jill and Nancy’s aunt arrived around 11:30. We had a lunch and sat around and chatted until about 3, then walked dear old aunty to the station and continued on for a walk along the river to Chuo Coen and a stop at the playground. The girls had fun, but […]

March 11

Today was cold and rainy, so we had a very quiet day. We only ventured over to the J-mart for a few small items, did some shopping around Kumegawa and then lay about the house for most of the day.

March 10

Today we got to go to the Musee D’Art Ghibli! Those who love Japanese animation will be familiar with the works of this studio, those who do not; what is wrong with you? This girls had loads of fun, having seen most of the kid friendly movies out of this studio, and the especially loved […]

March 9

It was cool and rainy, so we didn’t plan much, just a walk over to the Daiei so the girls could me mesmerized by the bright and loud game centre for a bit. However, once we got going, it didn’t seem that bad out, so we went to the old playground they used to play […]

March 8, Epic Trek

We walked a looonnggg way today. According to google, it was supposed to be a 2h, 38 minute walk, but we left the apartment at just before 8am, and didn’t get to Kichijoji Station until 2pm, 6 hours later! Of course, the five playgrounds we stopped at along the way, coupled with the extremely slow […]