Last of the Road Trip Posts (long!)

Day 12 Today was all about the driving.  We had done as much preparatory packing last night as we could, so all we managed to be on the road by 8.  We are taking the most direct route home and are planning to power through as fast as we can.  We are limited by the […]

Day 10 and 11(actually posted morning of Day 12)

Day 10 I took note of the odometer this morning, it was a 2320 km trip down here.  The plan is to take the interstates on the way back, so it will be interesting to see how much shorter the drive is. After the obligatory morning stint at the playground, we headed into San Luis […]

Day 8 and 9

Despite the weather being perfectly adequate and the proximity to San Francisco being desirable, there simply weren’t any suitable campsites in the vicinity.  They were all too far from the beach or town, or were worse than the one we stayed at last night.  At least it had some bark mulch, a few of the […]

Why Drive to Tofino indeed

As much as I love where we live, there are times that you just need a change of space and location.  For some reason on the Island that place has always been Tofino.  Maybe it’s the waves and all the dynamic motion but we go there at least once a year and always in the off […]