December 17: Kawagoe Jill and I didn’t sleep very well, but the girls didn’t wake up until 4:30. As I was trying to get breakfast ready for everyone. Mitzi stuck her head out of the living room into the kitchen and said, “Is the air moving outside?” “I don’t think it’s windy.” I replied, without […]

Vancouver to Tokyo

December 15-16: Vancouver to Tokyo breakfast Our flight time was 3:05 PM, so we had a lot of time to kill. A leisurely breakfast was followed by a long sojourn at the pool. So long that Miwa actually asked to go back to the hotel room, the first time in living memory that I didn’t […]

On our Way to Japan!

I’ve been posting for several days now, or thought I was, but apparently it wasn’t working. Jill spent several hours last night and again this morning, working on fixing the problem. Looks like she got it, so good work Jill! Here comes all the posts that didn’t go! December 14: To Vancouver We started the […]


Technology is a B*!@ch!!

Bloody, bloggy

Technology is a B*!@ch!!