May 4…. (a little late)

May the 4th be with you… Happy Birthday Jill! The day dawned bright and sunny and we looked forward to a lovely day in Paris.  The Peniche had a notable list to starboard, and we found out why when we left in the morning; the river had risen overnight, and the ramp from the shore was […]

And we are in….. Paris, France

We’re off again…… This time it is Paris where we are meeting our friend CP for a Parisien adventure. We are staying on a houseboat (Le Nenuphar) moored in the Seine and CP is staying at a perfectly delightful eyrie in the 11th Arrondissement. For those who wonder how it is we travel as much […]

Little Bear Bay

The success of our California road trip has inspired us to try to make the Trillium an even better camping machine, and to use it as often as possible.  With that goal in mind, I installed a new propane heater in the Trillium on Saturday, and eager to try it out, we headed out to […]

Thoughts on our road trip after a few weeks out.

Wrap-up post Budget Jill had a spread sheet and kept track of expenses as we went, so we could compare costs of this vacation to a flying vacation. Some interesting items were fuel, at only $300 for the trip.  Not bad at all considering the odometer read 4505 km when we parked. Lessons Learned As […]

Last of the Road Trip Posts (long!)

Day 12 Today was all about the driving.  We had done as much preparatory packing last night as we could, so all we managed to be on the road by 8.  We are taking the most direct route home and are planning to power through as fast as we can.  We are limited by the […]