Ru’s Paris

As we are kind of sucking at updating the blog, I thought it might be a bit amusing to see what a 2 year old can do with a cell phone camera.  Surprisingly not bad.  The camera on the S5 is quite good and most of our pictures from the trip were from it as […]

rest of trip so far…..

May 9 Due to the collapse yesterday, everyone was up at 7.  Miwa joined me on the daily trip to get Croissants for breakfast.  This seemed fair to me as she is the one who demands them every morning. We had a leisurely day planned. A little walk along a covered canal, a visit to […]

Trying to keep up….

May 5 We got the early start as planned and were off the boat by 8:30.  We walked along the river, across the Ile Saint Louis, and up to the kitchenware district of La Marais.  After a confused search for a specific store, we met CP at a crosswalk.  It turned out that either their […]

May 4…. (a little late)

May the 4th be with you… Happy Birthday Jill! The day dawned bright and sunny and we looked forward to a lovely day in Paris.  The Peniche had a notable list to starboard, and we found out why when we left in the morning; the river had risen overnight, and the ramp from the shore was […]

And we are in….. Paris, France

We’re off again…… This time it is Paris where we are meeting our friend CP for a Parisien adventure. We are staying on a houseboat (Le Nenuphar) moored in the Seine and CP is staying at a perfectly delightful eyrie in the 11th Arrondissement. For those who wonder how it is we travel as much […]