Technology is a B*!@ch!!

Bloody, bloggy

Technology is a B*!@ch!!

Fun with Time Lapse

I set up my SLR last night in the hope of catching the aurora, but they only flashed briefly. However, the clouds it made for a fun GIF. This is from 11:15 pm to 4:30 AM. Amazing how light it is all night up here now.

My Friend

I am currently alone at a site north of Fort McMurray, unable to get out due to the fire, and my co-workers can’t get in. I know many people are concerned that I must be getting lonely up here, so I thought I should let you know that my friend Bill came up for a […]

March 23

Jill spent the morning doing the last packing, while I took the girls to the playground. Ru was having such a good time at the playground that she peed her pants and still didn’t want to leave. Nice to have a soiled set of clothes just before we left, but Jill was prepared and had […]