My Friend

I am currently alone at a site north of Fort McMurray, unable to get out due to the fire, and my co-workers can’t get in. I know many people are concerned that I must be getting lonely up here, so I thought I should let you know that my friend Bill came up for a […]

March 23

Jill spent the morning doing the last packing, while I took the girls to the playground. Ru was having such a good time at the playground that she peed her pants and still didn’t want to leave. Nice to have a soiled set of clothes just before we left, but Jill was prepared and had […]

March 22

We decided to spend our last full day in japan back in Kawagoe. Jill had a purse she regretted not buying, and we figure the traditional candy would be the best way to round out our gifts for those back home. We wandered around for a while, trying to take different roads than last time. […]

March 21

Mitzi’s eldest brother and his wife came over to see Nancy’s new apartment and visit for lunch. Jill, Miwa and I went out for a quick walk to get some groceries for lunch and to the local shrine to get some omamori, but the omamori shop was closed. However, we realized at about 11:30 that […]

March 20

After a fairly fuzzy start to the day, having been woken by the wind at 3, and the girls at 6, we manage to get out the door at 10 to head to Asakusa and Sensoji. Unfortunately, the rest of Tokyo appeared to have the same idea. The trains were crowded, the streets were crowded […]