On our Way to Japan!

I’ve been posting for several days now, or thought I was, but apparently it wasn’t working. Jill spent several hours last night and again this morning, working on fixing the problem. Looks like she got it, so good work Jill! Here comes all the posts that didn’t go! December 14: To Vancouver We started the […]


Technology is a B*!@ch!!

Bloody, bloggy

Technology is a B*!@ch!!

Fun with Time Lapse

I set up my SLR last night in the hope of catching the aurora, but they only flashed briefly. However, the clouds it made for a fun GIF. This is from 11:15 pm to 4:30 AM. Amazing how light it is all night up here now.

My Friend

I am currently alone at a site north of Fort McMurray, unable to get out due to the fire, and my co-workers can’t get in. I know many people are concerned that I must be getting lonely up here, so I thought I should let you know that my friend Bill came up for a […]