Wines Handcrafted on Quadra Island.

We are a micro-winery and farm located on beautiful Quadra Island, BC.  Real Quadra flavour (or terroir?) with wines made from locally grown grapes.  read more


The chill is definitely in the air and we are almost done our crush!  Record bracingly early this year.  Wines are starting to sell out and you can read more about them here!  We are open Thursday to Monday 11-5 closed Tuesday and Wednesday.  Come visit and sample our remaining wines or take a stroll through the vineyard!

What We've Been Doing

It takes a village…..

September 13, 2015

Oh dear….

August 24, 2015


July 4, 2015


June 4, 2015

Ru’s Paris

May 24, 2015

May 12-14 No pictures!

May 14, 2015