In addition to the winery (because we’re not busy enough) we run a small pastured meat chicken farm from May to October with birds raised in small flocks as well as Ad Hoc Tiny Shack Holiday Rental which you can either book here or email us directly if you are interested in staying on the farm.


We raise small flocks at a time and they are treated with respect and love until we harvest them.  We are VIHA licensed (E License) and we are able to slaughter them ourselves rather than subject them to additional stress by taking them to an abattoir.

We started doing this because we wanted to provide wholesome food for our 2 girls and we wanted them to understand where their food originates. We are only able to sell directly from the farm,we sell out quickly so if interested please call us at 250-285-2257 to reserve your birds.

Ad Hoc Tiny Shack

We’ve built a charming( in our humble opinion) tiny house that has its own entrance and patio with a separate toilet room accessed from the patio. There is a kitchen that is fully stocked with vintage Le Creuset cast iron pots and a propane cooktop. The queen bed is in the loft of the living area and the living area has a cozy couch for curling up and reading on.

You have your own little patio with an outdoor table and fire pit. There’s a BBQ and you have your own driveway. Our house is right beside the Shack so you may see us going to the chicken coop or wandering around the yard gardening etc. We’re around so will be able to clarify when you arrive at the farm.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not taking reservations at the moment.